Election in Divided States of America

Being a conservative int’l female student in the Divided States of America, I can’t help but put down some of my (unscientific) observations and inferences. Disclaimer: I don’t like Trump and am upset with the results, BUT …

Democrats are all in for a deep shock. That tells you how they have NOT been listening to the other side. Otherwise they wouldn’t be so shocked, only upset.

Don’t say half the country betrayed you, or betrayed the minorities. The result precisely shows that *your* liberal ideals at least failed to reach half of the country.

Liberals like championing diversity, but they are precisely unaware just how deeply fundamentally diverse/divided their society is. They are totally unaware how people are simply unhappy with (if not utterly hate) the liberal left ideals. Obama even introduced Hillary as the next President of the United States the night before the election. But it was a landslide defeat for her.

Bill + Hillary + Chelsea + Obama + Michelle Obama + Bruce Springsteen rallied together in Philadelphia that night, and Clinton still lost in Pennsylvania. That says a lot.

Statistics show that African-American, Latinos, women, and the younger generation (18-29 yrs old) all gave a smaller percentage of vote in favor of Clinton than of Obama in 2012. That says a lot. (And so don’t blame white evangelicals.)

Liberals think they have the “just” cause, that they have minorities’ support “locked”: women, Hispanics, African-Americans, the unprivileged. Clearly they did not understand these people for whom they champion as much as they thought. Ultimately they need survival, jobs, economy, tax relief, reasonable insurance (without crazy premiums and crazy deductibles, that is), etc, NOT just liberal ideas or political correctness.

If you hear the rally speeches from both sides, Clinton was all about abstract ideas about equality that nobody would disagree anyway. But Trump at least pointed to the 70%-100% increase of Obamacare premiums in some states (always the first thing he said to his audience, an obvious financial choice for voters); tax deductions for daycare expenses for women (not an abstract idea); no more jobs leaving the country (he chose to speak in cities which lost lots of jobs to Mexico), etc.

Liberals often simply dismiss and label the other side as “hate,” “misogynist,” “racist” … and at the end fail to listen to what the other side are saying. I never heard a democrat discuss the concrete policies that Trump were actually pushing (easing Obamacare premiums, securing national security etc). They simply label the Republican right with labels and just dismiss them.

The advertisements that Hillary showed against Trump, were all from very early days of his campaign. The advertisements that Trump showed against Hillary, were much more recent FBI investigations. And Trump, I have to say although I don’t like him, improved a lot in his rally speeches after the second debate both in his speech content and his temperament. The late voters saw his improvement.

With Trump’s image of tough businessman / trade wisdom / bravery to go against anybody, he makes people think he can actually do what he says. Whereas liberals have a lot of talk and ideas. Obama was in the White House for 8 years and people do not see any improvement. Whatever Clinton thinks she can do what she promises, why couldn’t the big liberal champion Obama do it then?

Yes, of course Trumps have serious serious issues. But both candidates had their obvious flaws. And the mistakes Clinton made were when she was Secretary of State. The mistakes Trump made were when he was a reality show host (NOT justifying him at all). Doing something wrong when you are secretary of state is very different from saying something wrong when you are reality tv host.

Immigration policy is an important issue, of course. But the voters who care about it are precisely already American citizens, for whom US immigration policy is already in the past. And I checked, by deporting certain groups Trump only meant deporting those who entered US *illegally*, something every country on this planet has been doing.

AND … if you consider how highly people value honesty and transparency, then Trump will certainly trump Clinton. Trump is precisely transparent (actually too transparent). One of his campaign ads was simply showing a congress video of FBI director Comey giving a list of lies that Hillary had told to congress. A lot of Americans would prefer an over-transparent guy, to a lying politician.

All of these has not mentioned Hillary’s alleged responsibility as Secretary of State for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi in 2012. Trump brought this issue up in his speeches once in a while.

Overall, my feeling is that liberals always oversimplify everything. Yes you can say that Trump is misogynist, … except that he pledged to give income tax deductions for all childcare expenses, and 6 weeks of paid maternity leave for mothers, while Clinton offers nothing concrete for women (you can check their campaign websites). Yes you can say Trump is racist, … except that what he opposes is not Blacks themselves but a political movement that uses African-American Democrats as its pawns. Yes you can say it’s awful to deport illegal immigrants, … except that Hillary’s stand is also an insult to all those who have spent immense resources and time to enter US legally. Overall, I still don’t like Trump, but I’m not shocked at all that half of the country preferred him.



3 thoughts on “Election in Divided States of America

  1. You analyzed the whole situation more convincingly and concisely than any high- paying TV or print journalist has ever attempted to do. You are a genius.

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