In the News: Pastor Claimed Anglican Secretary General’s Comment Offensive

(Excerpt from Apple Daily article “回應聖公會管浩鳴 朱耀明牧師:抹煞人尊嚴,” June 8, 2015)

Provincial Secretary General of Sheng Kung Hui (The Hong Kong Anglican Church) Reverend Peter Douglas Koon compared the Mainland-Hong Kong relation to that between a master and a cat.

If the cat behaves, remarked Koon, its master will “give it more space.”

However, Reverend Chu Yiu-ming, one of the initiators of the Occupy Central movement, rebuked this metaphor as “offensive” and “disgusting.” According to Chu, Koon’s metaphor trashes human dignity and should arouse a serious concern in the church.

“Where is his Biblical knowledge? What has he learned from theology? Believers have only one Lord, and that is God,” said Chu.

Quoting the book of Genesis, Chu pointed out that the human has immeasurable dignity, and enjoys the right to seek freedom for himself. “We are the masters. God delegated us to have dominion over the earth. How could we suddenly become someone else’s pet?”

Reverend Lau Chi-hung, who earlier launched the petition “No to False Suffrage and Political Deception,” also disagreed with Koon. Drawing also from Genesis, Lau pointed out that God made men and women in His image, and gave them the responsibility to subdue the earth, including having dominion over animals. “It is unthinkable that (the people of Hong Kong) would suddenly belong to the same level as animals. (Koon’s) metaphor is baffling and at odds with Scripture.”


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