Exodus: Gods and Kings Review

Anything more needs be said? Watching a film on Exodus without a stammering Moses is like watching A Theory of Everything without a disabled Hawking.

Our heroic culture finds that it must portray main male protagonists as confident, firm, and … fluent. In the end, as the imaginary Moses had no problem whatsoever in talking confidently to Pharaoh on his own, the role of Aaron who suddenly appears near the end of the film was completely redundant. 

Then I don’t mind the film makers portraying God as a small child. The problem is, this child says nothing intelligent or meaningful. Again, the burning bush becomes completely redundant, so does God.

All these have not even mentioned that the imaginary Moses never tells Pharaoh to let the Hebrews leave Egypt or anything of that sort. So basically Moses becomes redundant too.

Exodus: the Hollywood heroic way — everybody is redundant.



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