Violence and suicidal bombings are a daily matter in the Islamic world. The 9/11 attacks were carried out by Muslims. When a child is born in their culture, they immediately make him a Muslim by default. When someone in the family converts to another faith, others can kill the “rebel” with a hammer, a gun, or knife. Some Muslims wouldn’t even allow girls to go to school or women to vote.

Yet you call the Christians “intolerant”, all because we find the man-woman sexual union very beautiful and we think homosexuals should have every right to share in it too, all because we voice out when we do not agree with gay activists, in countries which are supposed to protect the freedom of speech. 

I notice that those who call Christians “intolerant” are not interested in saying the same thing towards Muslims. And I wonder why.


One thought on “Tolerance

  1. As a pastafarian I intend to bite the bullet – indeed, all 3 abrahamic religions are 100% guilty in this regard, and saying you are less deplorable does not mean you are thus holier than thou.
    Indeed, the heavy backlash against conservative christians, at least in the case of hk, is because they have been actively shoving their values according to religion into everyone’s throats. If someday muslims or anyone else blew their religious trumpet, I guess they will receive the same backlash.

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