On Women Bishops

Yes many are angry. But I cannot help pointing out the fact that the move to ordain women bishops was voted down by the House of Laity of the General Synod, not the houses of bishops and clergy. Outrageous as it might have seemed, it was the laity who decided they didn’t want to be led by women bishops, to the disappointment of the Archbishops, bishops and other priests. That’s it. The last time I checked, the British society was democratic. We gave the laity their votes, and now let the society be happy with their decision, shall we?

I don’t know whether I wanted women bishops if I was Anglican. What I do know is that I don’t want to live in a society where women can be bishops but the rates of teenage pregnancies, divorce, sexual assaults and rapes soar higher and higher.

I remember I sat a seminar in the Legislative Council by a British law draftsman who spent hours talking about changing every single “he” to “he/she” or “the person” in every single clause of the British law. He proudly explained that his country had reached total gender equality. And I thought, What’s the point? A man could replace a “he/she” for every “he” he sees during the day, and go out and lure a girl into sex and then dump her, or beat his wife. Just what’s the point?

royal_staunton_chess 2-crop

If the Church treats women like queens, what’s wrong with not wanting them to be bishops? The most important thing is the Church respects women, and teaches the world to respect them, too. The Church respects women as mothers. And don’t tell me this is discriminatory as only men or sexists would think that being a bishop was more important than being a mother. Using Chesterton’s language, a bishop can best be something to everybody, but a mother is everything to somebody. Which is more important? Anybody can be a bishop, but men cannot be mothers. To anybody, there could be only one mother in his whole world. Women are unique creatures in this world, let them not be confused with men. Sorry.

I believe in democracy, and so I trust the final decision of the representatives of the laity. The Anglican Church should not be ashamed of the decision of the laity, and the world stop yelling at them.



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