A Theologian Sat the Bills Committee

So they were getting the whole Companies Ordinance rewritten, called up a Bills Committee at LegCo, and a theologian found she was asked to sit at the back every meeting.

So what is a company?

My dear, a company is defined in the first clause as either (a) a company formed and registered under this Ordinance, or (b) an existing company.


And what is it about a company that we have to devote thousands of pages of clauses and unswerving energy for it?

And what is a company that men and women, actually made in the image of God, have to labour day and night, night and day, for it?

What roles do these men and women, the real image of God, play in the company, then, according to the companies law? There is a list: directors, shareholders, investors, creditors, debenture-holders, employees, and agents. All soul-less, all of them nameless. As if their existence outside the company was little more than trivial to deserve any of our attention.

The Son of God emptied Himself totally for every man and every woman. But of course, if anything happens to the company, some man or woman should pay the penalty: the Almighty company would be too precious to empty itself for them. No, men and women as the image of God should toil for the company, forget about the Sabbath, and forget about their Maker. Everything’s all and only about the company.

Back in the wilderness days, the Israelites rejected God only to return to slavery in Egypt. And when the Roman Empire erected, the Jews rejected Christ only to pledge allegiance to Caesar the suppressor.

As we complain about our grueling working hours, let’s remember that it might be because we have forgotten we were the image of God, called to serve God wholeheartedly, and that it was all and only about Him.


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