Prepare for Touchdown – Advent 2011

Whenever relatives from the States visit Hong Kong for a break, they will call us immediately after landing. Recently, I notice, they more commonly use the word “touchdown.” “We touchdown-ed,” they’d say, with “touchdown” in English and the rest of the conversation in Chinese.

I really like the word "touchdown," a more poetic, descriptive, and assertive way of saying "landing." Something reaches down and touches the ground, as if personally. It is very theological, too, for our faith begins with nothing except the "touchdown" of Christ. The whole Christian faith about the Incarnation, Word become flesh, is "touchdown."

In the years-long training of pilots and airport control staff, much time is devoted precisely to prepare for touchdowns of aircrafts. If this is so, how much more solemnly we have to prepare for the touchdown of God?

As Advent approaches, let us prepare.


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