Promised Land

A bit depressed recently as I have to see twin sister fly to Albania to be a Missionary Kids teacher, when this week I am also stressed by my very first time Sunday School teaching. Wondering on the way to the airport how I could cope with this feeling of depression, I caught sight of a stunningly beautiful sunset far away. It was as if God was telling me, “Don’t be upset. For this is the promised land for both of you. You were both brought up to do precisely what you are starting to do this week! Chung-yin (“Declaring God’s Word”) finally flies off to be a full-time missionary; and you (See-yin, “Meditating God’s Word”) finally teach a theology class! This is what I have had in mind for a long time!”


6 thoughts on “Promised Land

  1. Be a theologian, its a blessing,
    don’t give up, go for it, no regret,
    you have the gift, don’t waste it,
    pray to God, lead your way,
    do your best in God’s time,
    God do the rest in your time


  2. Good for you, Celine. You are attuned to God’s will and you are an obedient servant. No matter how things turn out, you can be assured that your pursuit of God’s will is pleasing to God, and you will be rewarded.

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