A goat in its mother’s milk

Today I was reading Deutronomy and came to a breath-taking verse. God led Israel out of centuries of slavery in Egypt, and bore with them all the way through the desert for 40 years. Now just when they were to cross the Jordan River to claim their long-promised land, God declared, among other things, “You shall not cook a baby goat in its mother’s milk.”

baby sheep

It’s just so simple and yet unspeakable.

I found that any justification or even any explanation to this would just immediately offend basic humanity. God Himself must have also found it very offensive.

I wonder what kind of God this is, who would care even for the dignity of a dying baby goat.



5 thoughts on “A goat in its mother’s milk

  1. Celine, I have read that verse numerous times. I must confess that it never really impressed me, and I am glad that you shared your perception.

  2. That verse came upon me again this morning when I was reading the good book. I was once again reminded of your comment. What a precious thought! Thanks again.

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