Today, was looking online for an artwork that depicts John 11:35, but can’t find any. I mean there are lots, paintings and sculptures, but they’re far from satisfying. They all show Jesus either standing or sitting awkwardly in an isolated manner. Either He’s actually sitting in a corner, or He’s among the mourning crowd but with an angelic light band above His head. Either way, He wasn’t one of the mourners. For me a proper depiction would be one in which the viewer would find it hard to locate which one was Jesus. Only one picture was a bit closer to what I expect – at least, He was touching somebody:

I’m sure, He was not standing or sitting alone. When Mary fell on the ground He probably kneeled too. He was identifying every part of Himself with the mourners, embracing Martha and Mary in His arms, with His hands wiping their tears, caressing their hair, and clutching their clothes.

Lord, are You………crying……… too?


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