Thanks for your comment, Isaac. Just that the Titanic inevitably reminds me of scientific humanism which i studied earlier….


A typical statement of scientific humanism is: Dependence upon human effort more and more replaced dependence upon Godhat in proportion as men have ceased to lean on God, they haveopened up undreamed-of resources for the satisfaction of the noblest desires of which they are capable. Whenever men and women have been able to act as if there were no divinity to shape human ends, and have themselves assumed responsibility, they have discovered how to turn their abilities to good account.” (M. C. Otto, The Human Enterprise)


Just that the thought of Titanic reminds me of this…sheer arrogance…


I remember watching a Discovery programme on the Titanic around 2 months ago. It was said that it hit the iceberg because the watchmen couldn’t see the ship was heading towards it. Why couldn’t they see it? Because they weren’t using binoculars. Why weren’t they using binoculars? Because somebody from the last watch accidentally locked them in a cupboard.


And they said “God couldn’t sink this ship!”


I just guess there’s a good lesson to be learned.


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