End of band training, so a song is made up of the following five elements:

Music notes – little black dots with stems and flags. they are divided into whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and so forth. for the lay person they are called very long notes, long notes, short notes, very short notes and so forth.

Dynamics – the loudness and softness of the music. in a performance, the music is loud when the conductor moves in an exaggerating way with his mouth wide open, soft when he moves in a robotic way. at home, it depends on whether your family members and neighbours etc are complaining.

Tempo – the speed at which music flows. supposed to be controlled by the conductor, but usually by the players. it is different for different songs and different for the same song during a rehearsal and the actual performance.

Timing – the arrangement of music notes in a song. players who don’t follow timing will create, for example, the 出前一丁phenomenon.

Rest – moments of silence in a song. useful for turning pages (for the band), breathing in (for vocalists running out of oxygen), coughing (for sick people) and so forth.


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