Rumours have it that when the last Russian Tsar, together with his wife and five beautiful children, was shot to death by revoluntionists in 1918, one of the princesses, the fourth daughter Anastasia, managed to escape the disaster, and survived. If this were true she could inherit the vast wealth of her family as soon as things turned peaceful.

And there came this woman, Anna Anderson Manahan, who persistently claimed herself to be Anastasia. She looked remarkably like the real Anastasia. She could report, in the most accurate details, everything that had happened in the palace before the royal murder. Police investigations showed that her skull was identical to the virtual skull reconstructed using photos of the real Anastasia. But DNA comparison with a “distant” relative of the royal family destroyed everyone’s high hopes. (My mom: perhaps this distant relative is a fake)

I myself have always been fascinated by this story, and last summer I had the wonderful chance of bumping into an exhibition showing a hugh collection of photos, clothes and personal items of the last Tsar’s family. They are just beautiful. I also love the 20th Century Fox animation dedicated to Anastasia:

On this planet, indeed not many people are royal. And royalty fascinates everybody who isn’t. But it suddenly hits me that, as my BASIC leader Louise has reminded me, we as Christians and therefore children of God are royal. We are royal and therefore should act royal. This is not a burden but our honour. Anything less the most perfect lifestyle and strictest discipline degrades our own identity as royal children.

And this is a beautiful clip dedicated to Anna Anderson Manhan (she’s the adult woman appearing later in the video, the video is long, but beautiful):




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