The Good Friday service was my most unforgettable evening, not just my most unforgettable Good Friday service. For the first time in many years I could put my focus entirely on Jesus, his triumphant entry to Jerusalem, his going up Calgary, his dying on the cross…

I originally thought the service would be only music and drama and dancing, and therefore only visual arts and sensations (with no sermon but only 家良短訊) which would make our remembering of God’s love for us very short-lived. But I was wrong. God was willing to use us in the service, practically making us all realize first hand how much he loves us even when we really don’t deserve it.

That day, I asked myself why on earth was I playing the keyboard? I really shouldn’t be playing the piano/keyboard. It’s not just my lack of ability (I always wish I were like Emily and Ki), but playing the piano was something I have completely rejected in my childhood. My mom wanted me to play it, and we entered many fierce arguments only because I was very stubborn and just wouldn’t want her to make me play the piano. In my childhood I was kind of 打死都唔想練琴. But amazingly God is willing to use my piano playing. I never liked playing the piano, but when it comes to serving God, then I’ll be more than happy to play, because it is for Him. If it were not for Him, I really wouldn’t sit in front of a piano and practice.


This precisely reminds me of the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem on a colt. The Bible deliberately describes the colt as “having never been ridden before.” In a sermon I heard that in those days colts were expensive and useful and so they were all always ridden by people. “A colt that has never been ridden before” means it is very stubborn and just would not let people ride on it. But amazingly Jesus was willing to ride on it. And when He attempted to ride on it, it immediately became tame. I guess Jesus was glorified in this because, if it were not for Him, the stubborn colt really wouldn’t let other people ride on it. It was only for Jesus. So I thank God for letting me serve Him in the good Friday service with my piano playing in a way parallel to the colt who carried Jesus into Jerusalem.


I was originally worried that all the music and dramatization in the service would be all too excessive, and joked that it’s good that Dr. Sin didn’t arrange a colt to appear during the Hosanna song. Now I realize I was doing in the service precisely what the colt was doing to Jesus when He entered Jerusalem.


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