I’d like to thank everyone who has been so caring and has always offered prayer support in the past. My job offer is meaningful because God has given this to me, and also because of your concern and prayers. Although I must say this job is not the most ideal for me, I’m very happy already, and hope that I’ll actually meet up to my future boss’ expectations .

OK. No more exposure to British Kings and Queens. No more Wars of the Roses. No more Henry VIII. No more British castles. No more western novels.

From now on, more exposure to 孔子、老子、莊子、孟子、佛家… etc. And perhaps I need to watch more Asian soap operas .


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  1. oh, forgot to tell you that one of my secondary schoolmates has been working at a similar position and she said sometimes she will have to work till mid-night when there are conferences or exhibition etc.
    but i’m sure you will be ok with God’s grace : )

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