New and Terrifying Era

This seems to be a new era in counter-terrorism. Now terrorists no longer need to train attackers, nor have to acquire or build deadly weapons, nor have the attackers even needing to risk their life while killing. Now the attacker can stay alive and even walk loose rather unharmed easily. They have found a way to recruit dissenters to just use a vehicle and run into a crowd.

Unfortunately news reports are sending the messages to terrorist groups that their strategy has been confirmed successful.

Considering also the attacks in Nice and Ohio, sadly we can only expect more of these coming. Continue reading


主要用牠 — 從主騎的驢駒看事奉

(Finally found a long lost Xanga post! Reposting here…)


The Donkey’s Excuses for Not Carrying Jesus into Jerusalem

I’m not as good as a horse
No one has ridden on me before
His disciples will drive me by force
And I’m afraid Jesus might fall
I don’t know if I’ll suddenly pause
Donkeys look as round as a ball
His disciples might not have a good cause
Will Jesus defy the gravity law?

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Election in Divided States of America

Being a conservative int’l female student in the Divided States of America, I can’t help but put down some of my (unscientific) observations and inferences. Disclaimer: I don’t like Trump and am upset with the results, BUT …

Democrats are all in for a deep shock. That tells you how they have NOT been listening to the other side. Otherwise they wouldn’t be so shocked, only upset. Continue reading

The Lord’s Supper—Traumatic Memory?

“Do this in remembrance of me.” The disciples knew they would have to repeat that supper on a rather frequent basis in the future in remembrance. And it was commanded, so there would be no escape. But what does keeping the Lord’s Supper most likely remind them of? When was the Last Supper taken? It was taken on the night of their utter failure. Continue reading

The Awkward Moment in the Lord’s Prayer

In studying the Lord’s Prayer we tend to focus on the actual content of the prayer that Jesus taught us. Little attention is paid to the audience who listened to this teaching. In fact, in the account in Luke, the Lord’s Prayer was explicitly a public answer to a disciple’s request, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.” It is a mass whom Jesus was addressing. Not an individual. It was plural. Continue reading

Unsystematic Theology

“Whether God in the inscrutable wisdom of his providence destined and created me to be so unsystematic a theologian, or whether in my human confusion I have made myself such, who shall say?”

Karl Barth, Letter to the Editor, Christian Century, Dec 31, 1958.

(Me, Note to Self, every day)

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