The Lord’s Supper—Traumatic Memory?

“Do this in remembrance of me.” The disciples knew they would have to repeat that supper on a rather frequent basis in the future in remembrance. And it was commanded, so there would be no escape. But what does keeping the Lord’s Supper most likely remind them of? When was the Last Supper taken? It was taken on the night of their utter failure. Continue reading


The Awkward Moment in the Lord’s Prayer

In studying the Lord’s Prayer we tend to focus on the actual content of the prayer that Jesus taught us. Little attention is paid to the audience who listened to this teaching. In fact, in the account in Luke, the Lord’s Prayer was explicitly a public answer to a disciple’s request, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.” It is a mass whom Jesus was addressing. Not an individual. It was plural. Continue reading


Unsystematic Theology

“Whether God in the inscrutable wisdom of his providence destined and created me to be so unsystematic a theologian, or whether in my human confusion I have made myself such, who shall say?”

Karl Barth, Letter to the Editor, Christian Century, Dec 31, 1958.

(Me, Note to Self, every day)

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In the News: Pastor Claimed Anglican Secretary General’s Comment Offensive

(Excerpt from Apple Daily article “回應聖公會管浩鳴 朱耀明牧師:抹煞人尊嚴,” June 8, 2015)

Provincial Secretary General of Sheng Kung Hui (The Hong Kong Anglican Church) Reverend Peter Douglas Koon compared the Mainland-Hong Kong relation to that between a master and a cat.

If the cat behaves, remarked Koon, its master will “give it more space.” Continue reading

Fairy Pools




“Where do I write all this? In a little farmhouse on a lonely height in the Bernese Emmenthal. I certainly wish I could give you a quick glance at the meadows, forests, and fields, the hills and snow-covered mountains that stretch before my eyes when I look up. All this is geographically and otherwise a long way from the cities, villages, and fields in the Mar, in Pomerania, in Oderbruch, in Thuringia, in Saxony, and other regions where you and your fellows pastors must work, ‘resist,’ and suffer!” (How to Serve God in Marxist Land, 79)


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